State-of-the-art mRNA platforms to fit your needs

Our mRNA platforms and vast in-house experience help partners quickly optimize, screen and select an mRNA code, develop a candidate, and ensure effective & prime manufacturing of the mRNA from research grade to GMP scale. Our platform’s scale and flexibility is uniquely suited to respond to the needs of development partners across a wide range of therapeutic applications.

mrna cell image
Proprietary mRNA platforms

Our approach to mRNA chemistry focuses on achieving robust protein expression and is validated across multiple preclinical & clinical studies. Our mRNA platform offering includes a variety of proprietary technologies.

Platform features

Sequence Optimization

  • Sequence optimization algorithms to increase the translation efficiency of the gene of interest by changing compatible codons
  • 5’ and 3’ UTRs optimized for expression in human dendritic cells and myocytes
  • C- terminal endosomal sorting signal demonstrated to enhance antigen presentation to CD4 and CD8 T cells
  • High throughput screening of our in-house library of UTRs to find the best combination for maximized expression in your cell type of interest

Highly pure RNA

  • Proprietary mRNA production processes (IVT and purification) optimized for increased purity and, as such, decrease impurity related immunogenicity and toxicity, allowing increased translation efficiency

mRNA based

  • One type of mix is a combination of 3 or 4 mRNAs enhancing T-cell responses to mRNA encoded cancer antigens (TriMix and TetraMix). TriMix has been validated in multiple clinical studies
  • We also developed a proprietary mix of mRNAs encoding for signaling proteins that modulate the tumor microenvironment after intratumoral administration which enables the induction of an anti-tumor response