Our mission is to drive discovery and solve challenges for our partners, enabling them to deliver cost-effective, differentiated, and efficacious RNA therapeutics.

Who we are

At etherna, we have the skills and technologies to provide our partners with top-notch support in their development & manufacturing needs to acquire nucleic acid-based therapeutics and vaccines. We have an expansive portfolio of intellectual property and know-how, particularly on customizable Lipid Nano Particles (cLNPs), supported by RNA chemistry and process technologies. With a careful balance in our skillset, state-of-the-art facilities and specialized equipment, we tackle complex challenges efficiently.

mrna cell image
Our team

etherna embraces diversity such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, and background to promote a wider range of perspectives and ideas. By leveraging the full potential of our team, we drive breakthrough discoveries and advancements in the field of mRNA and LNP.

Our culture

At the heart of our organization we solidified our values that support our success. They reflect our identity, our aspirations and our promise to the various stakeholders. These are the values that will drive us to accomplish our mission.

Our values

BE Curious

In our fast-paced environment, curiosity fuels our hunger to push boundaries. We embrace the unknown and explore uncharted territories to uncover innovative solutions that will shape the future of healthcare.

BE Excellent

We are committed to delivering nothing but the best and setting new industry expectations. Our pursuit of excellence defines who we are.

BE Driven

Our unwavering determination makes us relentless in our pursuit of breakthroughs.

BE True

We stay true to our mission and ethics to instill trust with our team, our partner and the scientific community.

BE Open

We believe in embracing diverse perspectives. Together, we advance science and empower tomorrow’s health.

Our values emphasize a commitment to innovation, scientific excellence, and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. We encourage our staff to explore new ideas, embrace curiosity, and pursue breakthrough discoveries. By offering competitive salaries, performance incentives, and comprehensive benefit packages, we acknowledge and appreciate dedicated efforts. We encourage open and transparent communication among team members, departments, and leadership to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their opinions and concerns.