eTheRNA’s RNA and LNP technologies in first African-owned COVID-19 vaccine

In the Quantoom Biosciences (part of the Univercells group), Afrigen and eTheRNA collaboration to generate the first African-owned COVID-19 vaccine, eTheRNA brings its expertise in formulations and process technologies in the form of a thermostable lipid nanoparticle formulation, a true necessity for any vaccine distribution in low and middle income countries. Based on its proprietary ionizable lipid, eTheRNA has developed a proprietary lipid nanoparticle, that allows to be submitted to the proprietary process of thermostability, resulting in a drug product that can be stored a refrigeration conditions and reconstituted before use.

In this collaboration, eTheRNA is responsible for supplying its proprietary ionizable lipid. eTheRNA is also responsible for developing and transferring to Afrigen at a small scale;
• LNP formulation and manufacturing process
• freeze-drying process

Afrigen is responsible for further formulation development (scale-up and optimization of the transferred processes) to be used for preclinical and clinical work.

Quantoom Biosciences’ responsibility is to redesign the mRNA process and to transfer and train Afrigen in order for them to use this process for their pre-clinical and clinical work. At a later stage, Quantoom Biosciences will supply equipment (RNA small-scale Prod System, RNA R&D System and DNA Prod small scale system) and consumables and train the Afrigen team for the usage of this equipment and material.

eTheRNA is delighted to be part of this initiative to enhance the prospects of making vaccines more accessible globally and to ensure validation of eTheRNA’s integrated LNP and process technologies.