• eTheRNA
  • Developing safe, convenient and effective mRNA immunotherapies for the patient

Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases kill more people worldwide than any other single cause. Selectively activating the immune system through immunotherapy could improve disease outcomes in chronic infections such as tuberculosis and HIV, or can help prevent infection through vaccination.

eTheRNA plans to run preclinical and - at a later stage - also clinical studies with an in vivo, injectable TriMix-mRNA product as a therapeutic treatment for selected types of infectious diseases.

Together with a range of partners, eTheRNA is currently co-developing an innovative, safe, and scalable therapeutic strategy to achieve a functional cure of HIV infection. The iHIVARNA and HIVACAR projects, funded by the European Commission, aim to successfully immunize antiretroviral-treated HIV-infected patients with mRNA-based therapeutic vaccines with the final objective to develop an alternative to life-long antiretroviral therapy. The projects bring together the expertise of a number of European and international groups required for optimal co-development of the therapeutic vaccines (dendritic cell targeting, rational design of immunogens, mRNA manufacturing and immuno-virological monitoring).