Releasing the full potential of RNA technology

eTheRNA has developed a proprietary and integrated set of platform technologies that are overcoming the challenges facing the development of next generation mRNA therapeutics. Our platform includes mRNA construct design and optimization, proprietary lipid nanoparticles (LNP) and formulations, and in-house process engineering capabilities for mRNA drug substance manufacturing.

eTheRNA’s technology platforms are poised to transform mRNA drug development by providing our partners with proprietary solutions that address many of the major challenges in mRNA drug development, including:

eTheRNA anticipates entering a robust period of business development and licensing activities as our technology platforms become more widely known and further validated.

Our focus is global with an emphasis on further developing key strategic collaborations with existing and new partners in the Pan-Asian region.

Three platforms transforming mRNA drug development:

  1. mRNA Chemistry and Directed Immune Modulation
  2. Lipid Chemistry and Delivery Formulation
  3. In-House cGMP Process Engineering Capabilities


Our mission is to satisfy poorly met medical needs in global cancer and infectious disease patient populations through research and development of RNA-based therapies. We will expand and apply our proprietary technologies to discover and develop patient-friendly and cost-effective treatments. By leveraging academic and international commercial partnerships, we will transform the lives of patients and create value for our partners, shareholders and stakeholders.


We aim to make RNA-based therapies a first line treatment choice for patients and care providers to reduce the disease burden of cancer and infectious diseases globally.

Core Values