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eTheRNA has extensive experience in the design and production of plasmid DNA (pDNA) for RNA transcription and has developed a standardized approach to produce the best in class plasmids for your projects.


First, the in-silico design is performed by our core scientists in order to design for success, by taking into account the complexity of the protein to be expressed, the efficacy of transcription and the stability of the RNA. This can be done by the use of one of the eTheRNA proprietary vectors or any vector supplied by the customer. 

E.Coli are then transfected with a plasmid bearing the gene or interest. Our methods ensure the selection of the best performing and most stable clones.

Depending on further needs (small scale, large scale, research grade, GMP grade) different options are possible for further processing.

Each plasmid is tested and released before use. The extent of testing depends on the further use. From each pDNA, a working cell bank is prepared for further use and stored at -80°C in a fully controlled and monitored cryofreezer.

Plasmid DNA specifications

depending on customer requirements and use

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