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eTheRNA builds on over 30 years of research grade mRNA manufacturing, and more than 5 years of GMP mRNA production. The initial experience was gained at the labs of the VUB in Brussels. Since 2018, all RNA production has been performed in the brand new GMP authorized facility in Niel, Belgium.

We now offer our expertise and capability to other parties interested in having their RNA manufactured according to their needs. We will allocate part of our capacity for external parties as a contract development and manufacturing organization.

We provide the eTheRNA expertise and capability to bring RNA based research and products from the lab to the clinic. Our standard approaches and processes are scalable, from ng to g level, and we produce according to customer specification and with clinical phase appropriate controls. Depending on your needs, we produce both non-GMP or research grade material and GMP grade material to be used in clinical trials.

Services can include plasmid development and production, research grade mRNA production and GMP grade mRNA production, including different possibilities with regard to process and purification.

Drawing on experience with own clinical trials, eTheRNA can also provide support in CMC file writing

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