Key Milestones

2015 -2018

  • Spun out of Vrije Universiteit Brussel, a prominent university in the capital of Belgium
  • Established core TriMix mRNA platform
  • Translational Phase I/II clinical studies

2019 – 2021

  • GMP facility established
  • Novel formulations
  • Established product pipeline
  • Asia and U.S. expansion
  • cNDA filing with CDE in China for SARS-CoV-2 program
  • Filing of IND/CTA for HPV16+ cancer vaccine program


  • Commencement of human clinical trial in intravenous (IV)-mRNA/LNP-based approach to treating HPV16+ cancers
  • Preclinical data on proprietary intramuscular (IM) LNP formulation COVID vaccine being developed in China through eTheRNA’s joint venture, AuroRNA
  • Advancing intratumoral (IT)-LNP into preclinical candidate development in H2:22, potentially broadening the body of data validating eTheRNA’s platform in a tumor microenvironment (TME) modulation approach
  • Continue expanding regional and therapeutic partnering activities, while continuing to advance the development of eTheRNA’s proprietary platforms, including improving construct design, immune system activation, targeted delivery and process yields