Transforming mRNA Drug Development


1. mRNA Chemistry and Directed Immune Modulation

  • eTheRNA’s approach to mRNA chemistry focuses on generating robust and specific T Cell responses and is already validated across multiple preclinical and clinical studies
  • Our optimized mRNA vectors are engineered to increase dendritic cell antigen expression and the presentation of target antigen sequences to T cells
  • Our proprietary mRNA technology includes TriMix (a combination of three dendritic cells stimulating mRNAs) which has been shown to generate superior immune response, with high potency and durability in clinical settings
  • The level of induced antigen specific CD8 T cell stimulation appears to be at least 2x higher with eTheRNA technology compared to the published results from our leading competitors

2. Lipid Chemistry and Delivery Formulation

  • Our innovative and proprietary LNP platforms are tailored for specific routes of administration allowing better targeted biodistribution
    • Initial studies have demonstrated substantial mRNA payload distribution to target tissue
  • LNP Family 1: Systemic, intravenous (IV) administration
    • Allows preferential distribution to the spleen over the liver and other tissues
    • Maximizes T cell response and efficacy for systemic therapeutic vaccines
    • Clinical validation in trial planned to start in Q2:22
  • LNP Families 2 and 3: intra-tumoral (IT) & intramuscular (IM) administration
    • Utilize novel ionizable lipids in proprietary constructs to maximize local mRNA expression
    • These formulations also show good tolerability and safety, with very low local reactogenicity
  • LNP family 3 (IM) is expected to enter clinical studies by end of 2022

3. In-House cGMP Process Engineering Capabilities

  • eTheRNA’s process technologies and disruptive manufacturing capabilities allow for faster internal product development, with the potential to overcome cold chain distribution issues
  • Our in-house GMP production facility is located in Niel, Belgium and utilizes novel processes based on our proprietary IP
  • Our current production capabilities include research and GMP grade mRNA and research grade LNP formulations (building to GMP LNP grade within the next year)
  • eTheRNA’s current capacity can provide sufficient materials for all our internal and partner research and clinical needs, as well as allowing excess capacity to be used to supply third parties – to date eTheRNA has manufactured mRNA for >15 other companies in fee-for-service agreements
  • eTheRNA is moving to a novel closed, automated production system, which will further improve yield and capacity
  • Click here to visit our eTheRNA Manufacturing website

More on TriMix & TetraMix


TriMix is a proprietary combination of three mRNAs capable of triggering a superior immune response.
1. caTLR4: Evokes dendritic cells (DCs) to present antigens to CD4/CD8 T-cells
2. CD40L: nduces DCs to initiate antigen-specific action of CD4 T-cells
3. CD70: Induces DCs to initiate immune response of CD8 T-cells

TriMix is validated in multiple preclinical and clinal settings. TriMix is designed to induce a  highly potent, more complete  (broader) immune response. TriMix may reduce  therapeutic dose required to  achieve an effective immune  response versus competitor  mRNA technologies.

View our TriMix factsheet for my detailed information.


Second generation of mRNA-based adjuvant boosting the immune response through the dendritic cell pathway. Building on the experience with TriMix, a new mix of immunostimulatory mRNAs was designed with further increased T-cell activating properties against the co-administered antigens.