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eTheRNA is developing an mRNA-based vaccine against metastatic melanoma consisting of naked mRNA encoding for TriMix and 5 tumor-associated antigens that is being administered intranodally (injected into the patient’s lymph nodes).

The product has passed the first safety study in melanoma patients after removal of their tumor (an adjuvant setting). This study demonstrated that 5 intranodal administrations of the product was well tolerated and that it has the potential to elicit an immune response. The proof-of-concept of the clinical efficacy of the product is being tested in metastatic melanoma patients in combination with the standard of care
anti-PD1 treatment.

HPV+ cancer

eTheRNA is developing an mRNA-based vaccine against HPV+ Head and neck cancer consisting of mRNA encoding for TriMix and E6/E7 antigens packaged in lipid nanoparticles administered intravenously.

Currently, a candidate is being tested in preclinical studies.

Kidney cancer

eTheRNA, in collaboration with Frame Therapeutics, is developing a mRNA-based vaccine against kidney cancer consisting of mRNA encoding for TriMix and frame shift neo-antigens packaged in lipid nanoparticles that will be administered intravenously.

Other indications

Antigens in both the intranodal and intravenous products are interchangeable. By replacing the antigens, a range of oncology indications could be targeted. The technology is available for partnering and collaboration (see partnership page).

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