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Our Partnerships

Partnering is a key component of our corporate strategy. eTheRNA is exploring innovative ideas – at all stages of development.

eTheRNA focuses on maximizing the value of its proprietary TriMix technology via three routes:

Technology Partnering
eTheRNA intends to build high-value strategic collaborations for exploring the benefits of the TriMix technology in various disease areas.

eTheRNA seeks collaborative partnerships with pharma companies that enable us to develop - and ultimately also to commercialize - differentiated TriMix-based immunotherapies on either a risk-sharing or out-licensing basis.

mRNA Production Partnering
eTheRNA operates a cGMP accredited mRNA production facility in Niel, Belgium and currently focusses on producing mRNA-constructs exclusively for its own development plans. However as the clinical development program advances, the Company has the option to expand capacity and explore strategic partnerships.

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